Spring Footpath Schedule

Mar 8, 2018 | Footpath, News

Walking around the World Agricultural heritage site

Walking around Takachiho Town and Shiiba Mountain area in the north of Miyazaki Prefecture, which has been certified as a world heritage site.

Footpaths are a tradition originating from the UK, where you go on walks, enjoying unspoiled landscapes in the countryside. Interest has also been growing in Japan, and course development is now progressing all over the country. 

In this event, we will go on a walking course of about 3 miles with a guide who was born and raised in the area. Let’s enjoy the spring in the countryside, having leisurely conversations. We will have a footpath lunch with plenty of local ingredients, or at the farm restaurant! Let’s spend time together while sharing delicious food.

The event will be held from 24th March to 22nd April, on eight Saturdays and Sundays. If interested, you can easily register through the form on the bottom of this page. 


24th March (Sat)
Shiiba Village, Tonegawa Course
The villages of tall cedars and stone walls

31st March (Sat)
Gokase Town, Kuwanouchi Course
Sunset village

1st April (Sat)
Gokase Town, Miyanohara Course
Weeping cherry blossom village

7th April (Sat)
Takachiho Town, Gokamura Course
Kagura village

8th April (Sun)
Takachiho Town, Akimoto Course
The iroha road where you can meet “Tessama” and “Baasama”-

14th April (Sat)
Morotsuka Village, Nanatsuyama Course
History and modern life are alive

15th April (Sun)
Hinokage Town, Shishigawa course
Shangri-La where water was born

22nd April (Sun)
Hinokage Town, Fukasumi course
The village gods who live deep in Hinokage gather


9:00am Meet/reception begins

9:30am Warming up exercises, depart for the walk

12:00pm Lunch gathering (footpath lunch/farm restaurant)

1:00pm End of the event

Information & Pricing

Meeting place
Depends on the course. Please check the leaflet.

Participation fee
(Lunch fee/insurance premium included)
Adults : 2,500 JPY
Elementary school students : 1,500 JPY

How to apply
Please apply by telephone or using the form below.

Contact Information
Organizer: Forestpia Takachiho-go Tourism Association

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