Shishigawa Area Community Center

Owner: Ms. Kumiko Sakamoto

Using the school building and grounds of Shishigawa Junior High School which was closed down in 2008, we opened Tsurigane for schools, businesses, and groups to host training camps and the like.

Individual guests are also welcome to come and enjoy the many mountains in the nearby area, many of which are famous for rock climbing and mountaineering, such as Mt. Ookue, Mt. Tsurigane, and Mt. Hiei.

The rooms are all created from the school’s old classrooms and the library room. The floors of each room have been carefully replaced with tatami mats for your comfort.

Accomodation Types

Type A:  4 Japanese rooms (15-jo tatami mats) Used to be classrooms

Type B: 1 Japanese room (12-jo tatami mats)Used be a library

Toilet for the disabled


Coin washing machine


Information & Pricing

●Price:From 3,500yen/person for one night (no meals included)

●Meals: Breakfast 500yen, Lunch 300-800yen, Dinner 1,000yen (Please order in advance)

●Charge for kitchen use:1,000yen

●Rental BBQ set: 500yen

●Payment: Cash only

●Deposit: Not required

●Cancellation fee: 50% until one day before, 50% on the day, 100% for no show

●Free Wi-Fi: Available

●No smoking inside the building


We take reservations by email.

Please fill out an email including your name, e-mail address, group size, length of your stay, arrival date and time, any food allergies or religious food restrictions, and send it to h-kankou@ma.wainet.ne.jp by two days before your desired arrival date.

For more pictures you can also visit our website (Japanese only).



4892 Nanaore, Hinokage-cho,
Miyazaki Prefecture 882-0301

Approx. 200 min. (3 hours) from the Matsubase IC on the Kyushu Expressway.
Please take Route 218 bound for Nobeoka.