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A wide variety of Nature program await you !

“Experiencing the nature” programs (canoeing, skiing, mountain climbing, cycling, etc.)

“Experiencing traditional crafts and performing arts” (Japanese straw/bamboo crafts, bladesmithing, KAGURA (traditional Shinto theatrical dance), traditional Japanese drums, bou-jutu (the art of using a stick as a weapon), danshichi-odori (traditional dance of the area), etc.)

“Craft activities” (bamboo crafts, pottery, woodwork, etc.)

“Experiencing the local gourmet” (stone oven pizza, kappo cuisine (traditional food of the area, using bamboo to cook chicken), millet cuisine and other traditional food)

Soyo Gorge Kayak

Ground Canyon in Kyushu

Enjoy kayaking in the lake of Soyo gorge.

Period : Mar. to Nov.
Time : 3 hours
Capacity : 40 people max.
Fee :  Adults 5,500 JPY
Students (under 15) 4,000 JPY

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