Heida no Sato

Heida No Sato

“Heida no Sato” is currently a community of 6 old Japanese-style households, built approximately 70 years ago. The room layout and furniture has been left as it were although the kitchen and bathroom have been renovated to a modern style. It takes about 1 hour to climb the hill on foot.

Although Wi-Fi is not available, the aspect of being completely cut away in daily life will certainly allow you to experience “The Hidden Japan”, and we can declare that no other facilities go beyond in providing this experience.

Please bring plenty of food in our lodge. As cooking utensils are prepared, we hope our guests will enjoy cooking in this traditional Japanese house. The steep slope is cultivated as a way of life by the community around us. We wish that you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery viewable anywhere you go.

Now, because you can only use a credit card at the gas station in our village, please prepare Japanese Yen in cash from a Post office ATM or JA ATM, located at the post office and A-Coop, both in the same building.


Room information : One Entire Building Guest House
Maximum Occupancy 12 persons13.5 tatami + 6 tatami + 4 tatami Japanese-style room
Western-style toilets (Men’s and Women’s separate x 1)
Lounge (with fireplace)


Information & Pricing

●  1 night stay for 1 person – 3,000 yen  ※ From 3-night stay and on for 1 person, 1,000 yen per night

●  Check In from 3pm ~ 5pm|Check Out until 10am

●  Parking available for up to 4 cars

●  Payment by cash, credit cards cannot be used

●  No Deposits required

●  Cancellation Fee: Until the day before, 30%, same day 50%, same day no announcement 100%

●  Wi-Fi: Not available

●  Inside is non-smoking ※ Please smoke outside using a portable ash tray.


Please contact Morotsuka Tourism Bureau by Fax or E-mail and make a reservation one week in advance at latest. Minimum 2 persons are required for a reservation.



Please note that Morotsuka Tourism Bureau is closed on every Wednesday.

Access Information

Access by Car

Get off at NEXCO Higashi Kyushu Expressway “Hyuga IC”.
Take Route 10 and then Route 327 bound for Shiiba. It takes about 60 minutes from “Hyuga IC”.

Public Transportation

・Please drop at the Morotsuka stop of Miyako Bus. The please drop by the reception desk of the Morotsuka Tourism Bureau. That is about 7 min. walk to the lodge.

・Taxi can be also arrangeable. Please contact us for details.