MAROUDO Guest House

MAROUDO Guest House

Owner: Mr. Atsushi Iiboshi

“Maroudo” has no established check-in and check-out system. When making the reservation, guests are required to fill in their estimated time of arrival, but as problems often arise where traveling, there is a chance that something unexpected might happen on the day itself. In such circumstances, in order to deal with the situation appropriately, after the reservation is completed, the contact number is given, which can be used to contact an English-speaking staff.

“Maroudo” can be written as “客人” or “賓”, means “a guest that has come from far away, and that we should receive with utmost courtesy”. I am a traveler myself, and have a fair bit of experience traveling to Germany and France. During my travels, I was warmly received as a “maroudo” wherever I went.

Upon starting this lodge, it was fairly natural that I should name it as such. Akimoto is a tiny settlement with a population of about 100 situated in the inner regions of Takachiho Town, but with a slogan “a village that is easy for honeybees to live in”, all the residents come together to work on creating a village that will lead on to the next generation by preserving old and good things while taking in new and good things. Nothing would make us more happy than if we could share this lifestyle with our “maroudo”.

Accomodation Types

【Type A】Western style room with 3 beds

【Type B】Western style room with 2 beds

【Type C】Japanese room with 2 beds
【Type D】Japanese room with 1 bed

Type C (rear) and Type D (front) rooms can be separated with Fusuma sliding door.


Washing machine with dryer

Common space for Type A and B

Lounge for Type A and B


Dinner (Menu may change depending the season)

Information & Pricing

●Price: 8,500Yen-10,800Yen/person (Including service charge and tax)
*2 meals (dinner and breakfast) are included

●Parking lot: Up to 10 cars

●Payment:Cash only

●Deposit:Not required

●Free Wi-Fi:Available

●No smoking inside the building


  • Please send an e-mail to, clearly stating your name, e-mail address, number of guests, number of days, estimated date and time of arrival, food allergies, food that you cannot consume for any other reason, and anything else that you would like to ask about.
  • If you would like to cancel your reservation, please contact us at least three days before your reserved date.
  • Regarding cancellation fees, it will be 50% on the day itself and 100% without notice.
  • For more pictures visit our website (Japanese only for now).

Phone : 0982-72-7226
Website :


Address :
6604 Mukouyama,
Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1103

Access :Approx. 30 min. by car from Takachiho Bus Center