Ishigaki Jaya

Ishigaki Jaya

Ishigaki Jaya is translated and known as the “Tea House at Stone Wall Village”.

As there is only a limited public transportation available to Hinokage Town, it is recommended to use a rental car.

Local women from our town operate the front desk. Because the staff cannot speak English, we ask that you write down in simple terms and fax the reservation, scheduled check-in time, number of people, and any requests concerning food. We will do our best but please forgive us our reply might be a bit slow due to the time taken for translating.

The surroundings of the Ishigaki Jaya do not have a specific place for eating, however, with an advance reservation the local women will prepare seasonal meals. If you wish to have meals, please order us 7 days prior to your arrival.


Room information :
8 tatami Japanese-style room x 1, 10 tatami Japanese-style room x 1
Shower and bathroom, Japanese-style toilet (for men) and Western-style toilet (for women)

Information & Pricing

●  1 night stay for 1 person – 3,240 yen

●  Meal requires reservation, please refer to the following regarding the fee.

●  Check In from 3pm ~ 4pm|Check Out until 10am

●  Free Wi-Fi available

●  Parking available for up to 10 cars

●  Payment: By cash

●  No Deposits required.

●  Cancellation Fee: Until the day before: 0%, same day with prior announcement 0%, No show on the same day: 100%

●  Inside is non-smoking

●  Fax reservations to +91-(0)982-87-3530

●  The 4th Monday of each month is a business holiday

Meal Pricing

A – Breakfast 760 yen + Lunch 1,080 yen

B – Breakfast 760 yen + Dinner 1,080 yen

C – Breakfast: 760 yen

D – Lunch: 1,080 yen

E – Dinner: 1,080 yen

Cup Noodles are prepared (Fee)

In the event you stay without meals, we recommend to purchase food, alcohol, etc., using credit card beforehand at the “Roadside Market Seiun-kyo” or the 24-hour “Family Mart” convenience store.

Registration Form

We take reservations by email.

Please fill out an email including your name, e-mail address, group size, length of your stay, arrival date and time, any food allergies or religious food restrictions, and send it to by two days before your desired arrival date.

Access Information

By car

It takes about 150min. from Matsubase IC of Kyushu Expressway. Get of at Matsubase IC and take Route 218 bound for Takachiho.

7282-1 Nanaore
Miyazaki Prefecture
882-0401 JAPAN